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Magadan Aircraft Repair and Overhaul Plant N 73 of CA (MAZ-73GA, CJSC)

Magadan Aircraft Repair and Overhaul Plant N 73 of CA

“Magadansky aircraft repair and overhaul plant” is a part of PANH Helicopters, beginning from 2009.

General Director – Ishchenko Alexandr Vasilievich

The plant was established in 1933 for the purpose of aircrafts’ repairing in Far Eastern region. In the years of Great Pacific War, the plant provided safe over-flights of military airplanes from USA to Russia. The names of such famous polar pilots as Shimich Sh.I. and Aviation Major General, Hero of Soviet Union Mazuruk I.P., are closely connected with the name of the plant.

Repair and overhaul of Mil-8T helicopters is developed in 1973. Many years’ experience of repair and maintenance of aircraft enabled to create the optimal technology, providing high quality of works combined with relatively low price. Success operation of the repaired aircraft in Russia and abroad in extreme weather conditions is the evidence of effectiveness of the created technology.

Works performed by the plant:

  • major overhaul of Mil-8T, P, PS, Mil-8MTV-1, Mil-8AMT helicopters and overhaul of their units and assemblies;
  • maintenance of An-2, Mil-8T,  P, PS, Mil-8MTV-1 (Mil-17-V) aircraft;
  • installation of helicopter equipment necessary for international airlines flights;
    re-equipment of passenger compartments of helicopters;
  • anticorrosive treatment of airframe, painting with polyurethane enamel;
  • repair-reconstruction works (RRW) at the prepared base of air operator. After carrying out of  RRW the helicopter gets next overhaul life and flying life, similar to those set after helicopter overhaul at specialized aircraft repair and overhaul plants.

Provision of services:

  • Manufacture and repair of undersized sea-vessels
  • Repaitr of radio, navigation and electric equipment and units of sea-vessels
  • Car painting with polyurethane enamel
  • Turning and milling works of any complexity
  • Manufacturing of light metal constructions
  •  Argon welding of nonferrous and ferrous metals, carbonaceous, alloyed steel, titanium, aluminum, cast iron (maintenance of aluminum oil pans, air-conditioner piping, oil radiators, frames of different car and sea-vessel engine units and aggregates)
  • Metalworker-riveting works with aluminum units
  • Check of aviation and industrial units and aggregates using methods of non-destructive control (magnetic, vortex-current and ultrasonic).


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