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Branch office in Magadan

Magadanskiy branch office

Subsidiary "Magadansky" of PANH Helicopters

Address: Airport - 13km, 13th km of main highway, Magadan, 685007, Russia

Tel./fax: (4132) 624-365; (4132) 624-386;


Branch Manager Shadrin Mikhail Yurievich

Airport Magadansky-13th km disposes an air terminal and required laboratory and technical facilities as well as hangars for aircraft maintenance and storage.

Services provided by subsidiary:

  • transportation of passengers, cargoes and mail on local airlines of Far Eastern region;
  • construction and installation works;
  • forest protection (firefighting);
  • emergency medical aid;
  • search and rescue;
  • spraying of oil dispersant on land and water;
  • blasting and ice jams liquidation;
  • rotation of crewmembers on sea-vessels;
  • VIP-flights;
  • operation at offshore drilling platforms;
  • air photography (searching and gravimetric).


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