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The AW189 helicopter received the Russian type certificate in 2015 and certainly became the major helicopter event in the 9-tonne helicopter class both in Russia and in the world. The new helicopter is designed for wide range of missions, such as transport, search and rescue operations, passenger transportation, etc.

The AW189 is designed for offshore operations, including long range, all-weather, day and night missions.

The AW189 performance fully meets the most recent international standards and requirments of the European Aviation Safery Agency (EASA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Federal Air Transport Agency (the RF FATA) and the major oil ang gas companies (OGP Report 590).

Using the modern avionics, the AW189 complies with the latest Performance Based Navigation standard such as RNP 0.3 in all phases of flight, including Automatic Oil Rig approach.


The AW189 features a spacious cabin. The cabin is cofigured with 16 passenger seats as standard. Seating options include 18 seats or reduce to 12 seats in opposite to provide extra cabin space. Such a cabin together with flight speed and range and a low cost per seat-kilometer make the AW189 and ideal alternative to more expensive 19-seat helicopters designed for VIP, corporate and other offshore operations.

The helicopter is powered by two General Electric CT7-2E1 engines (2000 horsepower each) with FADEC system and integral Inlet Particle Separators. Microturbo Auxiliary Power Unit is installed as well. However, the new aero-dynamic design of airframe, rotor system and the innovative rotor blade design are the main advantages if the AW189 that ensure low fuel consumption, high cruise speed and long-range flight. Thanks to these design solutions, the helicopter can reach the cruise speed of 268-278 km/h.


Inttgrated glass cockpit is equipped with modern avionics system, with four 8"x10" color active matrix liquid crystal displays (AMLCD), Digital Automatic Flight Control System (DAFCS) and Flight Management System (FMS). All contribute to recude pilot workload during VFR/IFR flights.

The AW189 sets new standards in situational awareness in low visability flying conditions and has an all-weather capability thanks to its Synthetic Vision System. The standard auxiliary power unit (APU) allows air conditioning in the cockpit and cabin without the main engines running.


PANH Helicopters is the first Company in Russia licensed for commercial operation of the AW189 helicopter.

Since September 2019, the Company has been gaining necessary experience in 24/7 operations to offshore vessels in the Black Sea in accordance with the international standards for aircraft operations and flight safety.

The AW189 is fitted with all equipment required to perform offshore operations (OFFSHORE configurations).

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