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Scientific works

Scientific works

The Research Center is an integral part of PANH Helicopters. It specializes in the following scientific and research works:

  • researches and requirement validations to the objects of aerial works in the branches of economy;
  • evaluation of aircraft characteristics to carry out different aerial works and aircraft testing;
  • testing and development of technical means and special equipment for aerial works;
  • development and research of the technologies of aerial works for different types of aircraft;
  • development and research of equipment and processing methods on aircraft support and maintenance and the equipment for aerial works;
  • special kinds of testing and research on sanitary and hygienic safety of aerial works;
  • analysis and elaboration of normative documents and regulations for aerial works.


At PANH Helicopters we have essential and unique material base and conditions are created for solution of problems, including:

  • scientific departments on directions of works;
  • flight base with its own helicopter fleet;
  • test field equipped for carrying out flight tests;
  • laboratories for analyzing of special physical and chemical processes at work performance;
  • system of organization and performance of research works and flight tests, including scientific-research and flight-methodical councils.


About 40 types of technical means and more than 200 aviation technologies have been developed and introduced by the company. A lot of them are protected by the patents for invention. Most developments of the company are wildly used in operations and were awarded more than once at the International Exhibitions and Saloons in Geneva, Brussels, Seoul, etc.


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