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Helicopter saving basket

Helicopter external suspension as rescue device

It is intended for evacuation of people from drifting ice floes, mountains, forests, islands of hard surface at mudflows and floods, at fires and other emergency situations.

Helicopter rescue device is a design consisting of a rigid frame with a roof and a floor, a soft developing lateral wall and a system of slings. It is transported on the external helicopter sling. Embarkation of suffered people into the rescue device is fulfilled without helicopter landing (in a hovering mode) with the rescue device landed on a firm surface and the cable of an external sling loosened. In flight the lifted lateral wall and the roof protect people from air accident flow and prevent their falling out of the rescue device.

The basic characteristics:

  • Carrying capacity - 2000 kg
  • Maximum capacity - 25 persons
  • Length of an external sling - up to 47 m
  • Maximum speed of transportation - 180 km/h
  • Weight - 350 kg


The present PANH Helicopters invention "Helicopter external suspension as rescue device" was awarded with diplomas and silver medals at 30-th International Saloon of new technologies and products inventors, which took place in Geneva (Switzerland) in May, 2002 and the Seoul International fair of inventions 2002 (South Korea).


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