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The modernized bars to the sprayer for helicopter Mil-2


PANH company has developed and produces modernized bars (main and tail) to the serial equipment for Mil-2 helicopter.

While using the modernized sprayer:

  • Spraying with rate of application 5-300 l/h and with width of working coverage of 30 m is
  • Ecological danger of spraying from helicopter Mil-2 is reduced due to improvement of shutoff quality and significant reduction of sprayed substance share involved in rotary movement by tip eddy, reduction of evaporation of drops and their deflection;
  • Flight safety is increased and helicopter performance characteristics are improved due to reduction of span and drag of the main bar and decrease of its weight.
  • Range of setting parameters is expanded and possibility of spraying  with small (from 5 l/ha) norms is provided;
  • Spraying quality is increased due to the use of unified planotorch sprays of liquid and optimum configuration of dispersing devices on a helicopter;
  • Operational manufacturability is improved and labour-intensiveness of maintenance, tooling and adjustment of a sprayer is reduced due to application of group spray heads with filters of fine liquid purification;
  • Durability is increased using chemically- and corrosion-resistant materials.


A modernized sprayer carries out all spraying modes performed by a serial sprayer, and also provides application of modern chemicals according to modern technologies. Installation of a modernized sprayer on a helicopter is made in the conditions of air technical and operational bases and does not require helicopter modification and special equipment and tools.

Modernized sprayer bars for Mil-2 helicopter have a certificate of conformity, issued by FAA of RF.

Manufacturing is upon orders, term of the order performance is 1,5-2 months.


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