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Aero Club Kuban’ airplanes took part in the air battle of World War II reenactment

In honor of the 70th Anniversary of the Great Victory Krymsky District hosted an event, devoted to the liberation of the Blue Line. It is there, where in 1943 Soviet soldiers were heroically fighting against German-fascist invaders to take the strategic high point “121.4”, which was one of the defense centers, popularly named “The Hill of Heroes”. The Acting Governor of Krasnodar Region, as well as veterans, their relatives and friends as well as local population came there to honor memory of Soviet soldiers.

During the reenactment of the battles a ground action was represented with involvement of German and Soviet soldiers, the trenchers were excavated, the war-time armament was used and the aviation was involved.

The air raid was simulated with Yak airplanes. Kuban pilots (V.N. Vedernikov, O.I. Volodin - the crew of Yak-18 and N.N. Malov, V.V. Rybnikov – the crew of Yak-52) completely reenacted the picture of the air battle – they attempted several attacks, then the airplane was disabled and went to the hill in descent. The battle ended in demonstration flights.

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