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PANH Helicopters’ Mi-26 unloaded a barge in the Caspian Sea

During a heavy storm a cargo barge ran aground in the Caspian Sea, about fifty kilometers from the town of Lagan (Republic of Kalmykia). Drilling rigs and tools for exploration works were on board. The sailors tried to cope on their own - to unload the ship with the help of marine equipment, but it was impossible. In order to get to the barge one had to go through shallow water and onshore areas.

Then it was decided to involve air transportation assistance - Mi-26 heavy-lift helicopter for unloading. It is this kind of equipment, a helicopter, which is indispensable for work in hard-to-reach places.

Not only safety of the equipment, but absence of adverse impact on the Caspian Sea ecology depended on unloading the barge within the shortest possible time.

A team of PANH Helicopters’ specialists together with the customer went to the occurrence location in order to assess the possibility of this work and for its organization. After thorough analysis and calculation of future works the decision was taken as for the possibility and conditions of its execution. Mi-26 helicopter (operated by PIC Vasily Trutko) promptly arrived at the emergency site, and in three days the cargo from the barge was delivered ashore.

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