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The fleet of PANH Helicopters Magadanskiy Branch increased by another Mi-8 helicopter
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The rotary-wind aircraft is to be used for so-called “social” passenger flights to remote inhabited locations of Magadan Region, where no alternative to air transport is available. Due to high cost of air transportation each flight is subsidized from the regional budget.

The helicopter was taken on lease from Krasnoyarsk-based «Aerogeo» under long-term lease agreement.

It’s worth saying that the helicopter was mobilized to Magadan from Krasnoyarsk under its own power. PANH Helicopters’ crew (PIC Andrey Devyatkin, Co-pilot Lev Vedernikov and Flight Engineer Vasiliy Kozmarev) flew several thousand kilometers in three days with fuel and maintenance stops in Kirensk, Lensk, Yakutsk towns and the village of Okhotsk. After arrival in Magadan and performance of required routine maintenance checks Mi-8 helicopter was involved in operations straight away, having performed its first flight to Yamsk.

“Currently our helicopters perform flights to North- Evenkiyskiy District (Topolovka, Gizhiga and Verkhniy Paren villages) on the monthly basis and flights to Olskiy District (Yamsk and Takhtoyamsk villages) twice a month. Mi-8 helicopter that has increased the Company’s air fleet will enable improving stability of passenger transportation by air and increasing the number of flights in future”, Director of PANH Helicopters’ Magadanskiy Branch Mikhail Shadrin told us. According to him, maintenance of a new aircraft will be performed at the same location – at PANH Helicopters’ line maintenance base.

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