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W-3 Sokol ("Falcon")
W-3 Sokol ("Falcon")

W-3 Sokol (“Falcon”) Helicopter manufactured by WSK PZL-SWIDNIK (Poland) is a multi-purpose light-lift helicopter with two turbo motors.

This helicopter is certificated under the requirements of domestic standards NLGV-1 and NLGV-2 (Airworthiness Standards for Helicopters) and FAR-29 American Airworthiness Standards.

PZL-10V engine mounted on the helicopter has received the certificate on conformity to the American Airworthiness Standards, issued by FAA air supervision authority.

At helicopter use for VIP passenger transportation the seats for 8 passengers are mounted in the cabin. Four litter patients and one medical attendant accompanying them can be placed in a cabin also. In cargo version the helicopter can transport up to 2100 kg of freight.

Flight performances
Length of fuselage, m 14.21
Width of fuselage, m 1.75
Height, m 4.20
Main wheel track, m 3.15
Diameter of rotor, m 15.7
Size of cabin (Length x Height x Width), m 3.21 x 1.38 x 1.55
Maximum take-off weight, kg 6 400
Empty helicopter weight, kg 3 630
Maximum weight of freight, kg
in cabin, kg
on the external load sling, kg

2 100
2 300
Maximum limit speed, km/h 260
Cruiser speed, km/h 243
Maximum rate-of-climb, m/sec 10
Maximal ceiling, m 5300
Operating ceiling, m 3500
Flying range, km 798
Flight duration, h 4.56
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