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Firefighting operations

Firefighting operations

Helicopters are irreplaceable at rescue operations thanks to their operational efficiency, capacity and superior performance. Ability to move large volumes of water, immediate, direct, and exact massive water attack at fire extinguishing can be gained by as Mil-26, Ka-32 and Mil-8MTV helicopters.

Heavy Mil-26 helicopters with the external buckets VSU-15, Twin Bambi Bucket (up to 15,000 liters) are used for firefighting missions. Ka-32 and Mil-8MTV helicopters have VSU-5, Bambi Bucket (up to 5000 liters) and can come in and hover and be really precise on water drops in high, hot conditions. The VSU-15 equipment has been designed in 1995 by Scientific Research Institute of Modular Pneumatic Instrumentation System (Feodosiya, Ukraine) together with PANH Helicopters’ Research centre, provided carrying out of the complete cycle of the equipment test and introduction. The water buckets can be filled from lakes, ponds and rivers and are carried in helicopter cargo cabin.

The Mil-26 helicopter is also valued for its huge cargo space, that makes possible to transport simultaneously and on time additional firefighting equipment, fire trucks, staff and mobile fuel truck to regions difficult of access for ground fire forces.

PANH Helicopters’ current fleet of heavy and medium-lift helicopters has been supporting firefighting operations in many European countries such as Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey for many years.

PANH Helicopters’ best strategies, wide experience, professionalism and teamwork have proved their efficiency in firefighting operations. Every pilot in our company is a highly qualified expert in firefighting operations with a wide flight experience. In case of urgent demand for medium-lift helicopters for firefighting operations helicopters can be delivered in time and around the world by ­ airplane that allows reducing time for transportation and preventing spread of fire.




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