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The trade Union organization of  "PANH Helicopters" was established on November 16, 1964 simultaneously with the formation of the all-Union research Institute for agricultural and special applications of civil aviation in Krasnodar.

For more than half a century, the administration and the Union have always been together. The trade Union Committee together with the administration participated in the development of the development strategy of "PANH Helicopters", identified risks, and tried to create the most comfortable conditions at the time of the company's formation. Andrey Kozlovsky, a member of the aviarabotnikov trade Union, is also working fruitfully with the trade Union organization.

As part of the trade Union organization, the company's managers, heads of structural divisions, specialists and workers, which allows us to successfully solve social issues, form a team of like-minded people who are ready for creation and professional self-realization.

With the growth of the company's staff, the ranks of trade Union members also increase. The shop trade Union organization of the flight squadron and the engineering and aviation service is working productively.

All the years of the trade Union's existence, the company adopted and effectively operated a collective agreement. The procedure for forming this document has undergone a significant evolution: at first it was formed by the economic services, discussed by the Commission and adopted at the meeting; in recent years, the initiative to develop a collective agreement has passed to the trade Union Committee. The collective agreement is constantly amended to improve the social and economic situation of employees.

Thanks to the provisions set out in the collective agreement and the active position of the trade Union Committee, staff wages are constantly increasing and regularly indexed. There are many social benefits for young people, veterans, and employees of dangerous and harmful professions. Much attention is paid to the leisure of employees and their families, as well as to significant events in their personal lives.

A modern company is successful today if it is in constant movement and development. It is a good tradition of the trade Union to participate in the organization of corporate events, sports competitions, competitions, and travel.

All those in need of Spa treatment are provided with vouchers, which in practice implements the motto of the trade Union organization: "The health of every trade Union member is the common property of the company!"

Today, the policy of the trade Union organization generates new qualitative results, where the success of each is the victory of all.

Chairman of the "PANH Helicopters"

Vladimir Olegovich Surodin

tel.: +7 (861) 255-30-54 (EXT. 299), 255-25-23 (EXT. 3-04)

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PANH Helicopters, founded in 1964, is the unique air company performing scientific and aerial works for different branches of economy.