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PANH Helicopters is the scientific and production center of high technologies in the field of aerial works

Strategic aim of PANH Helicopters at performing of aerial works and commercial air transportation is to provide flight safety and to comply with the clients’ requirements as the basis of company’s financial stability by means of:

  • maintaining of guided state of flight safety;
  • introduction, certification and continuous  improvement of quality management system effectiveness according to the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008;
  • maintaining and improvement of aviation-technical base;
  • maintaining of high qualification of personnel.

Provision of flight safety and quality of the provided aviation services is the main criterion of PANH Helicopters personnel’s work estimation.

Prevention of aviation incidents is the prior task of PANH Helicopters at every stage of its activity.

PANH Helicopters has developed and adopted the system of flight safety management (SFSM).

SFSM is directed to provide compliance of PANH Helicopters’ activities with international (from 1991 PANH Helicopters is a member of Helicopter Association International) and national CA requirements, flight safety policy  and contract commitments.

The following activities connected with flight safety or that may influence flight safety are involved in the range of SFSM application:

  • performance of aerial works and commercial air transportation;
  • aircraft flight and technical operation;
  • aviation personnel training;
  • flight support. 

Starting from 2010 PANH Helicopters has been proceeding to pro-active (preventive) approach to flight safety provision.

Flight Safety Management Manual (FSMM) of PANH Helicopters regulates the system of flight safety management.

FSMM is the standard of PANH Helicopters’ flight safety system and it describes its structure and procedures demonstrating the ability to create safe conditions for organization, provision and performance of flights by means of SFSM application, its continuous improvement and prevention of non-compliances.

Compliance with FSMM requirements is obligatory for all personnel of PANH Helicopters and for natural and legal persons for whom PANH Helicopters renders aviation services under contracts.

PANH Helicopters has developed and adopted the Voluntary Report System (VRS).

The main task of this system is collecting of the information and efficient exposure of hidden dangerous factors and/or discrepancies of personnel activities while executing aerial works and air transportation operations that negatively affect flight safety and/or quality of aviation services.

Reports  can be transferred by e-mail, phone and fax and through mail boxes placed inside main buildings of Central office and Flight Test Base.

If the information does not have a definite addressee, it is sent only to PANH Helicopters’ Flight Safety Chief:

  • by mail: 138 Kirova Str., Krasnodar, 350000, Russia;
  • by fax: (+7 861) 255-20-35;
  • by MMS and SMS message : phone number +7-906-436-16-48;
  • by
  • through mail boxes placed inside main buildings of Central office and Flight Test Base;
  • through PANH Helicopters’ clerical office;
  • personally to PANH Helicopters’ Aviation Safety department.

The information in Reports  serves exclusively a purpose of higher flight safety standard. PANH Helicopters’ management declares NO BLAME policy for the writer’s report personality. The person will not be disclosed or pointed to the other persons or organization without appropriate writer’s consent.

PANH Helicopters has developed and introduced Quality Management System (QMS).

QMS of PANH Helicopters regulates production, administrative and auxiliary processes, determines the responsibilities of company’s management and methods of continuous improvement of its activity. Monitoring of processes and analysis of their effectiveness, finding out and elimination of discrepancies, managerial system analysis, development and realization of aims in the field of quality are the measures taken for the permanent effective improvement of QMS and control of complying with the prescribed requirements.  

PANH Helicopters’ Quality policy  is issued as a separate document and all company’s personnel are informed of it. 

Responsibilities for development, adoption and permanent effectiveness improvement of QMS are entrusted to Quality Council, which members are the leaders of QMS processes – deputies to PANH Helicopters’ General Director.   

Certification and quality department is responsible for QMS functioning, organization and conducting of internal QMS audits and also for providing certification procedures of the company as civil aviation operator.

In 2007 PANH Helicopters’ QMS was certified by BUREAU VERITAS Certification for compliance with requirements of international standard ISO 9001-2000 «Quality Management System – Requirements».

Scope of certification: Helicopters and aviation services. Scientific and technical services for aerial works. Aircraft maintenance. 

Conformity with the standard ISO 9001-2000 means PANH Helicopters have achieved management level to meet minimum set of standard requirements of international-recognized methods of business conduct that guarantees the production of predictable quality.

In 2010 PANH Helicopters is going to be recertified for compliance with requirements of international standard ISO 9001-2008 «Quality Management System – Requirements».

PANH Helicopters guarantees that every company’s employee understands and accepts aims of providing flight safety and quality of air operations.

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PANH Helicopters, founded in 1964, is the unique air company performing scientific and aerial works for different branches of economy.