Eugene Pervushov met with the staff of the scientific-production company "PANH»

The head of Krasnodar Yevgeny Pervyshov spoke with employees of the research and production company "PANH" (PANH Helicopters).

Andrey Kozlovsky, General Director of NPC PANH. held for Eugene Pervysheva a tour of the Museum Department, told about the history and areas of the company.

Today, the company's fleet consists of 30 aircraft. The company regularly performs firefighting operations in Western European countries. For example, this year, the Mi-26 flew to help extinguish fires in Turkey. "PANH Helicopters" works in the field of servicing marine vessels, drilling platforms and medical evacuation, - said Andrey Kozlovsky.

After visiting the Museum Department Eugene Pervushov communicated to the workforce.

Employees of  "PANH Helicopters" were interested in the development of Krasnodar. Among the main ones:

restoration of the historical center;
modernization of storm sewer networks;
development of the public transport route network;
updating public transport rolling stock;
social infrastructure development;
construction of sports facilities.

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PANH Helicopters, founded in 1964, is the unique air company performing scientific and aerial works for different branches of economy.