Picnic at the helicopter

A celebration on the occasion of the completion of the FCC pilot project was held at the PANH summer site.

During participation in the project for the pilot section "Reducing the time and cost of scheduled maintenance of the Ka-32 helicopter for 100 hours of operation", diagnostics and conditional status of the planned goals, implementation of improvements, and consolidation of results were made. The project targets were met and, moreover, they were as close as possible to the ideal indicators in the implementation of the planned plans.

The General Director particularly noted the work of the owner Of the IAO process-the chief engineer Kuznetsova P. V., head of PDS Kholodova A. A. and the entire project team. Many thanks to the representatives and curators of the Project from the Federal Competence Center and the Ministry of economy of the Krasnodar territory, who actively directed and helped in the implementation of the Project and, of course, were invited to the festive event.

Due to various circumstances, the solemn meeting was postponed and postponed. Nevertheless, the celebration took place.

The format of the picnic was perfect for the summer time of the year, and the Kuban weather as alway

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