Congratulations on the 39th anniversary of the start of operation of the Ka-32 helicopter!

On January 11, 1980, test pilot N. P. Bezdetnov performed the first lift of a Multi-purpose serial ka-32 helicopter.

The beginning of the development of the Kamov design Bureau of the Ka-32 helicopter, as for the Ka-27 helicopter, should be taken in 1969.
The first flight of an experimental ka-32 helicopter took place on December 24, 1973 (test pilot E. I. Laryushin).

39 years later-today, January 11, 2019, the flight and engineering staff of JSC NPC "PANH" has gained extensive experience in the operation of remarkable Ka-32 helicopters (a, AO, C).

A multi-purpose All-weather ka-32 helicopter in the capable hands of the crew, with the support of specialists from the IAS and SNO, can do everything! See the photo gallery of our works for yourself.
Congratulations to the crews of Ka-32, industrial area No. 2, engineering staff which provides continuous airworthiness of helicopters Ka-32 service – SSS, the PDS, THE PDO, as well as all employees on this significant event in the history of the operation of helicopters Ka-32 type!
The management wishes new labor success to the entire team of JSC NPC "PANH" in the coming 2019!

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