The training service of the FCC has certified internal trainers of enterprises on the basis of the company "PANH".

From ftsk certification conducted by Yulia Shchetinina - project Manager of Service training local trainers ftsk in the field of productivity,Andrew Saydaks - project Manager of ftsk in the field of productivity, Volodymyr Mykhaylenko - project Manager of ftsk in the field of productivity.
The certification was attended by 19 internal trainers of enterprises: LLC "Apolinaria", LLC "EuroChem-BMU", LLC "Choice-S", LLC ISC" BUDMAR", NAO" Temryuk road repair and construction management, LLC "Intehplast", JSC "Stavropol brewery", LLC firm" Calorie", LLC" agro-industrial construction combine "Gulkevichsky", "PANH".
At the beginning of certification for each of the programs, participants pulled tickets and spent 40 minutes preparing.Then each of the participants held their own training block according to the extended ticket. At the end of the speech, each participant received feedback from representatives of the FCC, where the speech was analyzed in detail.
Errors were identified and recommendations were made on how to make the training more effective. The selection was demanding and objective.
Most of the participants were fully certified. Those who failed to get all three certificates will be able to re-pass their own training and certification. ",

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PANH Helicopters, founded in 1964, is the unique air company performing scientific and aerial works for different branches of economy.