Message on the convening of the annual General meeting of shareholders of "PANH Helicopters" 2020.

Joint-stock company scientific and production company "PANH Helicopters", location of the company: Russian Federation, 350000, Krasnodar territory, Krasnodar city municipality, Krasnodar, Western inner-city district, ul. im. Kirov, 138 informs about the annual General meeting of shareholders.
Form of the meeting: absentee voting.
The deadline for accepting voting ballots is may 15, 2020.
Date of the annual General meeting (deadline for receiving voting ballots): may 15, 2020.
The postal address to which the completed voting ballots should be sent: 350020, Krasnodar territory, Krasnodar, Rashpilevskaya str., 157, building A, 4th floor, JSC "KRC".
The date on which the persons entitled to participate in the annual General meeting of shareholders are determined (fixed): April 20, 2020.
Categories (types) of shares whose owners have the right to vote on all issues on the agenda of the General meeting of shareholders: ordinary registered shares.
Shareholders must fill out voting ballots in accordance with the requirements specified in them. Completed and signed ballots must be sent by mail. When determining the quorum and counting votes, ballots received no later than may 15, 2020 are taken into account.
Meeting agenda:
1. Approval of the company's annual report and annual accounting (financial) statements for 2019.
2. Distribution of profit (including payment (Declaration) of dividends) and losses of the Company based on the results of the reporting year 2019.
3. Election of members of the Company's Board of Directors.
4. Election of members of the company's audit Commission
5. Approval of the company's auditor.
6. on reducing the company's authorized capital by reducing the nominal value of shares.
The information (materials) to be provided to shareholders in preparation for the annual General meeting can be found from April 23, 2020 on business days from 10: 00 to 16: 00 at the address: 350000, Krasnodar territory, Krasnodar, ul. Kirov, 138. Phone number for inquiries (861) 255-90-08.

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