Start Of the national project to improve labor productivity "PANH»

The goal of this project is to increase the efficiency of production and the entire enterprise as a whole. For PANH, this is a great opportunity to become more competitive in today's changing market, which in turn is a guarantee of stability for each employee.

As a pilot production flow for creating a sample site, one of the production processes for aircraft maintenance was selected - the organization and performance of periodic maintenance of the Ka-32 helicopter after 100 hours of operation.

At the selected site, PANH employees together with FCC experts will optimize the current production process: carry out flow mapping (graphically display its current state and target state), identify problem areas and find solutions to eliminate them, conduct timekeeping and implement improvements. In the future, the results achieved at the reference site will be transmitted to other divisions of the Company.
The management's goal for 2020 is to increase labor productivity by at least 10%. The maximum goal is to increase productivity by at least 30% over the three years of the project.

Every employee of the company involved in the process of change makes an invaluable contribution to the stable future of PANH.

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