Helicopters open new roads! About «PANH Helicopters» published an article in the magazine «Mining industry»

As you know, miners celebrated their professional day on 30th August. In honor of this great event one of the articles of the magazine “ Mining Industry” was devoted to the work of our company.

The pilots of “PANH Helicopters” told about exciting cases of their unusual flights. They also mentioned about the difficulties and extraordinary conditions of their job.

“Everything is white outside, you can’t say how high in the sky you are. It’s clear nothing. The only you can do to look attentively at the data units and try to keep the right parameters”, - said Herman Laiderman, the pilot.

In the North, when the weather is fine, you can orientate by relief. But in the sea the view is always invariable. Yuri Lyubarets, the pilot-instructor, flied more than a year over that water place, until a pipeline “The Turkish Stream” joined the Russian and Turkish shores.

We took off from a helicopter ground near Anapa. When it became closer to the place of constructing from the Turkish shore, we shifted our base there. We had to land to the famous Pioneering Spirit, the largest ship in the world, its length is about 400 m. The helicopter ground is on the edge. The pilot must be aimed precise, up to a centimeter.

“In our company the work is organized in a such way: before a pilot begins to conduct the flights with landing on the ship flight deck, he has to train. He must perform three landings in broad daylight and three at night. Then he must perform a training flight with an instructor and, if everything is OK, he is admitted to the flights,” – emphasized Yuri Alexandrovich.

“Of course, our work entails risk. But trainings and experience make this risk controlled”, - said Yuri Lyubarets.

“The Turkish Stream” is a unique project. Helicopters did one more task: transportation the constructers who needed medical help.

Helicopter commander Andrei Krivosheya worked in an air ambulance, in jest he named his helicopter Eurocopter EC 135 “ an ambulance with the airscrew”. By the way, there was no much work for sanitary aviation, they took off several times. But flights over the sea are unforgettable experience.

“Nothing can replace the flight over the taiga, the view of our land from a height and the feeling, that few people, except you, were here ,” – Herman Laiderman considered.

That’s true, helicopters are astonishing machines! And its cool that we all are the part of this screw-wing world! Clear Prop!

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