OS – 1M – the modern sprayer to plane AN-2

The sprayer OS - 1M is intended for spraying liquid preparations by norms of consumption of hydraulic liquid from 5 up to 100 l/hectar at working width of capture of 30 m.

OS - 1M is a modern updating equipment for plane An-2 developed on the basis of operating experience of sprayers 2102.0272.000 and SH76-7000, and also theoretical researches and modelling on the computer. OS - 1M is made on the basis of serial pump units SH7628-215, SH7636-0 and SH76-7100.

New development is made with the purpose of improvement of quality owing to:

  • Use of plainly - torch sprays of a liquid (such as " FLAT FAN "), incorporated into the four-item blocks (head) having filters of the big throughput and shutoff Valves
  • Choice of bar position on the plane in such a manner that sedimentation of not less than 95 % of volume of the sprayed liquid is provided in 5 seconds from the moment of the plane flying over, i.e. the minimal decrease of opportunity of hit of a wave of the sprayed liquid in a vertical trace of the plane;
  • Output of a sprayer on an operating conditions at switching on and operation of shutoff at reenergizing in time is no more than 1 second;
  • Duplications of process shutoff liquids

OS - 1M on quality of liquid steam at work as rate of application 5 l/hectar is analogously to the sprayer equipped with rotating sprays AU-5000 of Micronair manufacture.

OS - 1M has the established in CA Russia certificate of conformity.

Various variants of a complete set of delivery are possible depending on customer’s wish. Preliminary terms of manufacturing of the complete set are 1-2 months (are specified at the conclusion of the contract). The company provides buyers with completion of serial pump units  in operating for use of the complete set of OS - 1M.

OS – 1M – the modern sprayer to plane AN-2


OS – 1M – the modern sprayer to plane AN-2
OS – 1M – the modern sprayer to plane AN-2
OS – 1M – the modern sprayer to plane AN-2
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