Universal liquid sprayer RZHU-1

JSC Scientific and production company "PANH" produces a universal liquid sprayer with a cut-off valve for rod sprayers OP-2000, OPSH-15-01, etc. According to its technical characteristics, the RZHU-1 is not inferior to its Western counterparts.

The sprayer design developed by us will allow You to:

  • install them on rods with a diameter of 32 and 40 mm;
  • use without clamps ( with a 1/4-inch conical shank);
  • save chemicals from spilling due to the built-in
  • shut-off valve;
  • quickly remove spray inserts for flushing and replacement by means of a quick-release bayonet nut.

The sprayer is equipped with inserts pshch 110-1, 6 (red with three points) or pshch 110-2,5 (blue with four points). In addition, you can also purchase individual filters for spray inserts.

For more information, please contact:

Fax (861) 255-36-48. Tel. (861) 255-10-98, 259-09-34.

Universal liquid sprayer RZHU-1


Universal liquid sprayer RZHU-1
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