Helicopter pendant sprayer VOP-3

It is intended for delivery of working liquids -dispersants (OM - 6, OM - 84, Korexit 9527) and biologicals (Destroil, Devoroil, Unirem, biological degradations) on an external sling of Mil-8 type helicopters to places of oil spill and their spraying on the polluted areas of water with norms of 40-1300 l/ha.

VOP-3 is a collapsible design filling with a working liquid on the ground.

VOP-3 is disassembled, packed into 9 bags and transported inside a helicopter. Preparation for work is carried out within 1 hour with participation of 4 persons.

VOP-3 has a certificate of conformity №2. A10.91.066-01, issued by FAA of RF.

VOP-3 was awarded with a diploma and a gold medal at 49-th International exhibition of achievements and new technologies “Brussels Eureka 2000” (11.2000) and a diploma and a bronze medal at the International Saloon in Geneva (04.2001).

Helicopter pendant sprayer VOP-3

Performance characteristics of VOP-3:

  • Maximal volume of a soft capacity is 3,0 m3;
  • Average second consumption at spilling is 0,5-3,0 m3 of working liquid with sprayers RSH 110-12 installation:
    • 36 pieces - 1,1-1,6 l/sec;
    • 144 piece - 4,6-6,4 l/sec;
    • Without sprayers - 16,0-23,6 l/sec;
  • Kind of spraying - globular;
  • Width of the moistened strip at height of VOP -3 above the sprayed surface is 10 m:
    • With sprayers - 12 m;
    • Without sprayers - 8 m;
  • Overall dimensions, m:
    • Diameter at the basis - 3,0;
    • Diameter of a ring - 2,0;
    • Height - 2,15;
  • Total weight of a complete set is 200 kg.


Helicopter pendant sprayer VOP-3
Helicopter pendant sprayer VOP-3
Helicopter pendant sprayer VOP-3
Helicopter pendant sprayer VOP-3
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